Electric pianos

Electric Pianos

Whilst huge progress has been made with digital pianos they are, and only can be, an imitation.  The weighting  of keys is unnatural and the sound is always the same and makes no allowance for the space which it fills.

For ease of transport, a one-off "do" in the village hall or for tiny spaces like a bedroom, they are a solution and much easier to transport,  but nothing can replace the REAL thing.  I've seen people spend £3000 plus on electric alternatives and within a few hours the children are back plonking around their old bashed up piano.

They are also a poor investment because their price deteriorates so quickly.  Within five years they have been altered or "updated" and your old model is obsolete. How long does anything electronic last? (Computers, tvs,etc).

Pianos go on for fifty plus years and many are giving very good service 100 years later.

I have seen too many budding young pianists loose interest because gran or mum knows best and bought a digital alternative.

A plastic flower never made a rose

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 You would say that wouldn't you as you're a piano tuner? Yes, but I'm saying this with a wealth of experience behind me!