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Available from April 29th, 2016

 "The Steinway that wouldn't budge"


"Confessions of a piano tuner" 



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Austin Macauley Publisher 


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Review from "The pianist"

Murray wrote: "Review: The Steinway that wouldn't budge and other stories Peter Tryon Austin Macauley publishers Ktd ISBN 978-1785547195 £11.99 James Herriot's 'It shouldn't Happen to a vet' rejigged for piano tuners! This warm hearted and extremely readable autobiographical memoir may be slim ( it has less 90 pages) but it is extremely entertaining and amusing. Tryon worked for many years as director of music at St Mary's Bury St Edmunds and still works regularly as a church organist, but it is his colourful, often extraordinary experiences as a piano tuner that makes this charming book special. Recalling affectionately past clients and stubborn instruments, Peter Tryon ( first cousin of that wonderful international concert pianist Valerie) emerges as something of a piano hero. In a sense The anecdotes recalled remind all pianists just how much gratitude they should always have for their hard working technicians and tuners. Tryon's patience, dedication and gentlemanly understatement in dealing with all kinds of difficulties and eccentricities from both pianos and clients is always touching, making the varied and memorable anecdotes presented all the more charming to read. Whether it be tales of removing dead birds or live rats from inside uprights, babies who relieve themselves inside pianos, or dealing with dogs who repeatedly persist in eating the legs of Bechsten,Tryon proceeds with professionalism, stoicism and a great love of life. A most merry read. Murray McLachlan"