What customers say

What customers say.....

Totally honest and as a musician and piano teacher, can really advise on what is best for the particular player. Takes an holistic approach. Recommended.  (Professor: Royal College of Music)

He could get a note out of an old Tom Cat!  (John Rowe Sound Engineer. ex. BBC)

Deliciously in tune!   (Sir Peter Pears)

A real craftsman - well done! (Dr Vivian Weinstein)

A terrific job  (Victoria Wood)

You advised us against having work done and were honest enough to tell us we were wasting our money. (David Pearson)

Nicely in tune. (nicely in tune, nice)!  (Bruce Forsyth)

What a great sound for such an old piano. (4 poofs and a piano)

I'm so pleased. It's like an old friend has come back after years away.   (Paula Marston)

We are sooooo pleased. Thank you! (George Patterson)

Accurately priced and clearly explained. You certainly got us out of a sticky jam. (Bury St Edmunds Festival) 

My sister is delighted. You've made the unplayable, playable.    (Lady Andrew Lloyd-Webber)


Nicely done. (John Lill)

I didn't like hearing that there was so much wrong with my piano, but with hindsight I am really pleased you did tell me.  The old tuner hadn't noticed the moth or the woodworm.  Thank goodness you did. Since the restoration I now just sit down and play for my own pleasure. Something I haven't done for years. Well done!

(Jane Carter) - Piano Teacher.

How did you do that?  It's not the same piano! Fantastic! (Bury St Edmunds Lady)

That sounds really nice now. Thank you! - (Katie Melua)

We bought a piano from a local dealer and asked him to come out to tune  and repair a broken note, but he didn't reply to our messages. It's good to find someone who values you as a customer and comes when he says he will.  I wish we had known about you when we were looking first - (Stowupland lady)

Great - (Bryan Ferry)

We tried everywhere to get a tuner in mid-Suffolk. We rang  three. One promised to come, but never turned up, the other two never replied to our messages.  Thank you for enabling us to play again.  You've done a lovely job.    Thank you.                                            Jean Barnes - Yaxley


The pianos are a delight. Thank you.

Anna Winton-Mills. Cherry Tree (Arbor) School (Southleigh) 

I wanted to put in writing how much I and we want to thank you for
the fantastic restoration of our piano. It is truly beautiful work! In
fact it is art to make something that, let's face it, was a wreck, into the

beautiful instrument we now have in our lounge. So thank you, thank you,
for all the hard work and care you have put into our piano, and into
making a long cherished dream of mine come true.

It actually brought tears to my eyes to see it looking and sounding so wonderful; and I don't
know how you did it but I am so glad you did!


But thank you so much for giving us back our piano; it may not be the
poshest but we love it, and it is so wonderful to have it back. Thank
you.     -  Jo Probitts. Bacton November, 2012

Peter has tuned our piano for many a year and is a lovely person. He is always punctual and is very reasonably priced. Thank-you for making our piano sound wonderful again.
Anita Jones, Wattisham

We are a very musical family and are always composing or performing. We used the same piano tuner for years servicing our grand piano. Then, last Christmas, you tuned  the piano once. We can honestly say, the piano has never sounded so good. Thank you so much.

Withersfield Family.