Interesting Piano Facts

Interesting Piano Facts

1.   The first piano was made by Bartolomeo Christofori in 1700.  Called the "gravecembalo col piano et forte" or grand harpsichord which could play piano(soft) or forte.(loud).

  2. A Model D Steinway Concert Grand will cost you over £100,000

3. The last English Piano Manufacturer called Kemble of Milton Keynes, is due to close at the end of October, 2010. The firm is owned by Yamaha.

4. There are 88 notes on a modern piano:52 white, 36 black (7.1/4 octaves)  Bosendorfer Imperial Grands have 97!

5. There are about 220 strings on the average piano with a total tension of around 21 tons.

6. The largest manufacturer of pianos in the world is Pearl River with over 4,000 employees and producing over 100,000 pianos a year. See slide show:

7.  The first upright piano with a practical action was made by Hawkins (USA)  in 1800.

  8. Challen made a two manual piano. Each keyboard played the same notes. They were also often provided with a 30 note pedalboard.

9. The piano is technically a percussion instrument as the hammers hit the strings.

10: Piano keys look even, but the joins do not  go in the middle of a black note.