Work currently in hand

Current Work

  • Restoration of  c.1820 William Stodart square piano (Maker to George III). Evidence of woodworm and bad moth.
  • Restoration of Grotrian Steinweg upright piano for a customer in Huntingdon. Work includes replacing a split bass bridge.  Before and after photos below.
  • Re-stringing of a much loved 5ft 6" Bluthner boudoir grand for a customer in Battisford. The owners have nicknamed the piano "Ella".

  • Complete overhaul of another much loved  1890 cottage Broadwood upright, again with the nickname of "Woody". The piano is suffering from bad moth and woodworm infestation, which will require alot of work.  

  • Complete overhaul of Rud IBach 8ft grand piano from Needham Market. Work involves work on soundboard, re-stringing, total action overhaul including new keys and dampers. Case to be stripped down to bare wood with repairs to damaged veneer and mouldings. The final finish in black French polish

  • Broadwood Grand - to be totally overhauled when  water from the upstairs shower soaked the piano. (There are tide marks)! -Debenham
  • Much love Steinway near Newmarket. Work will involve a full action rebuild, re-stringing and work on the soundboard crown. Sadly the work will not include casework
  • New Bass bridge and strings for Bechstein upright piano
  • Totally new soundboard, tuning pin plank and bridges for a Bechstein iii grand.  This has the potential to be  a marvelous piano
  • Phew!! Two hours extra needed each day please!!




Above - before restoration  Below - after restoration


  • Restoration of much loved upright piano which had been left outside by builders for a while under a tarpaulin.  New keys, action rebuild, re-stringing and re-veneering required. A real challenge. It is a much loved piano.(See above)
  • .
  • Rebuilding of Steinway grand for a Cambridge College including new strings and full overhaul of action. No casework. Soundboard has numerous cracks from heat damage.



  • Major action repair on a Kemble Upright Piano for a high school in South Yorkshire.  The action has been vandalized after some one broke off every hammer.  (Note also the missing sharps).  Unfortunately two hammers have been lost! The offender got a term's detention!!!